Changes for Citations in the Historic District


Parking citations are now issued by two companies hired to oversee parking in the City of Annapolis. The jurisdictions of these companies are geographically determined. Historic Downtown Annapolis Parking will now be managed by Premium Parking.

So, generally speaking, Glideparcs citations are issued in the downtown historic district area (See Maps, Districts 1-2). Annapolis citations are issued in all other areas within City limits. (See Maps, Districts 3-5).

You can access both ticket payment portals through the Annapolis Parking website. Look at the printout of the citation. If it says “Annapolis Parking,” use the blue button at the top of the screen that says “Annapolis Citation.” If your citation says Glideparcs, use the red button to the right that says “Glideparcs citations.

Please note: each vendor allows citation search by citation number or license plate number (follow links above).

Residents may still apply for parking permits in all zones. Residential Parking Permits allow Annapolis residents to park their vehicles on-street in one of the five (5) designated Special Parking Districts where they reside. Please visit Annapolis Parking’s Residential Parking Permits Program page for more information.