Frequently Asked Questions.

Where is the best place to park?

Visitors may utilize multiple parking garages and lots to access Downtown Annapolis. The closest garages are Gott’s Court and Whitmore along Calvert Street and Washington Street respectively. The City of Annapolis will also run free transit options including the Magenta Shuttle Bus and an electric tram into downtown. Other parking locations include Park Place (750 spaces) and the Graduate Hotel. Aside from options listed above there are more than 3,000 garage parking spaces throughout downtown.

Why rebuild Hillman?

The garage, a precast concrete structure, was built in 1972. In 2013, engineers evaluated the garage and determined that it was a candidate for replacement. A precast concrete structure typically lasts 40-50 years, leaving Hillman Garage at the end of its service life. Beyond the structural concerns of the existing garage the stairwells and pedestrian pathways are in dire need of repair.

Did Residents and Businesses have input?

Yes! In more than two dozen public meetings, the project team worked with a broad array of community participants, downtown businesses, Ward One residents as well as construction, parking and transportation experts to finalize the design and key features of the new garage.

Who decided on the design?

The final design for the garage was determined through a collaborative series of public meetings, with both businesses and residents, Historic Preservation Commission, Planning Commission, City and elected officials.

Will the construction have environmental benefits?

Yes! The old garage was built before stormwater controls were required. When it rains, stormwater rushes off the garage and finds its way to the nearest body of water (Spa Creek). The new garage will have 125 percent stormwater controls. In addition, it will have solar arrays on the roof, providing energy, but also shade. There will be EV charging stations and bicycle racks to encourage non-automobile transportation.

Will downtown have more parking after the rebuild?

Yes! Hillman Garage currently has 425 spaces. The new garage will have 586 spaces.